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Transforming Karmas Into Consciousness

Everything we do affects one or more of our life energies. Psychologically healthy people don’t deliberately act in ways that result in accidents, illness, depression, money worries, security issues, relationship conflicts or other common forms of stress. These karmic challenges just seem to happen out of the blue … because the normal human condition is to be unaware of how our energy is being affected by our choices. And what that means for our future.

Some people want better health or relationships, or more abundance. Others want to be happy or enlightened. But no matter what you want, the underlying energenics [life energy physics] remain the same. If a life energy is becoming weaker in an area of your body, your internal or external state or circumstances will eventually reflect that unfortunate change in your energy. Conversely, if you cultivate a life energy so it becomes stronger and purer, your life and consciousness will change for the better.

We always have the opportunity to cultivate our energy. This doesn’t mean anyone can change anything in their life. But it does mean everyone can develop their ability to change their life and consciousness for the better in many different ways. In fact, if you persistently cultivate your energy awareness, you will eventually change your life and consciousness in ways that are rarely possible to achieve by any other means.

This is why we say…

change your energy
to change your life

“A couple of days ago I sat down to practice the ‘Light of the Sky’ and I felt my body as waves of energy. It was a thrilling sensation! Thank you for this very precious path. I love it!”      

~ Marilys D, UK