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from the School of Energy

The Shendo

We are a friendly, mutually-supportive group of energy awareness practitioners from all over the world who are committed to …

  • Awakening higher levels of consciousness
  • Transforming current or future misfortunes …

e.g. occasional or frequent fatigue, anxiety, irritation, depression, confusion, vulnerability to environmental stresses or other people’s energies, food hypersensitivities, relationship or security issues, work challenges and much more besides – …into more happiness, success, wisdom, inner strength and higher awareness

We have found, over more than 40 years, that cultivating our energy and energy awareness doesn’t depend on identifying with any particular spiritual or religious beliefs or other forms of ‘group-think’. We recognise that progress depends on practice – not theories, beliefs or knowledge – and that everyone goes at their own pace in their own way. There’s no race, competition or any form of ‘ought’ or ‘should.’

A shendo practitioner’s progress manifests in her/his life and consciousness in grounded, concrete ways. Effective awareness development practice generates real change. Of course, how much or in which ways you really wish to change is solely between you and your spirit.

“I am noticing how the energy shifts are bringing very positive changes – it’s very exciting! I’ve had lots of good shifts re. relationship stuff … I’ve been given a gift that might mean changes in my life beyond my wildest dreams. I’m amazed by this generous gift … I recognise it is the result of my energy increasing … So thanks!”

~ Louise G., UK

The series of changes that manifests over time through your practice is called your ‘shendo’ (with a small ‘s’), meaning the path of your Heart [1]. Each person’s shendo is unique to them – reflecting the fact that your karmas and, therefore, your needs are personal to you. In an effective Way for life and consciousness – the process of transforming karmic conditions into liberating, higher awareness – there’s no ‘one size fits all.’

The energy awareness that awakens and grows stronger within you will reveal the energy cultivation practices and life choices that work best for you.

Shendo practices lead to…

  • new opportunities and new fortunes
  • new forms of awareness
  • nosis or ‘direct knowledge’ of subjects of your attention
  • new abilities or talents – including currently dormant forms of essential creativity – that are relevant to your karmic needs

Some practices require a time commitment – which could be 5 to 60 minutes at a time – whereas others are ongoing in the midst of your daily life. Every practice description includes guidelines, but you control which practices you need and how long you need them for.

“What I find completely delightful …is that your teaching has led to this! … It has been immense… from following my Heart, to believing my testing, to trusting the gifts I have been given.”  

~ Alicia R., Italy