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from the School of Energy


Thank you for your interest in the Shendo – the international, online community for awakening and cultivating your life energy awareness.

‘Energy awareness’ is the ability to perceive how your or others’ life or consciousness is being or will be influenced by any place, substance, image, object or relationship. Or by your or others’ actions – including any form of exercise or spiritual development practice.

This means, as an active member of the Shendo, you will gradually awaken the ability to see, in advance, the influences that increase or decrease the manifestations of fortunes or misfortunes in your life.

How is this possible? Because no matter your current states and circumstances, the energies generating them started changing in your body long before you started experiencing them in your life or consciousness. This even includes positive or negative experiences that are completely ‘outside’ you. For example, how someone else treats you. Or, say, a disaster that affects both you and many others.

Consider a common example: a relationship that didn’t work out for you. In the beginning, you were attracted to the other person. Later, not so much (for you and/or for them). And then it collapsed. But in reality – and regardless of how you felt or what you believed at the time – the energy that resulted in that relationship no longer being viable was already present when you were first attracted to that particular person.

The same dynamic, (of a pre-existing, underlying energy), holds true for

  • any injury or illness
  • recovery or increasingly robust health
  • relationships that result in unhappy or less successful futures
  • meeting others with whom you develop great
  • relationships or a higher-energy, spiritually-awakening future
  • manifesting higher quality creativity or more fulfilling work
  • becoming less anxious, confused or depressed. Or
  • feeling happier and more focused
  • having more energy, inner strength or success
  • realising liberating forms of illumination or higher awareness

In fact, nothing manifests in your life randomly. No matter your situation, its causal energy started somewhere, some-when. This is why, by cultivating your energy awareness, you will naturally make fewer energy-weakening choices – which lead to problems – and more energy-strengthening choices instead.

“I love every moment and everything you have taught me. It’s magic. I seem to have come alive. I am a completely different person to who I was all those years ago. Now I’m on the road where I want to be.”

~ Margaret T., Wales