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Who can join the Shendo?

The Shendo community is open to anyone who can perform a basic bio-energy test. This usually means, with a pendulum or kinesiological (muscle) test. In fact, owning and being able to use an Omega pendulum or a Shendor pendulum is a pre-requisite for joining the Shendo.

Unlike bio-energy devices that involve your mind, these Shendo instruments are ‘trainer-wheels’ for awakening your …

  • Body energy awareness 
  • Environmental energy awareness 
  • Spirit [shen] energy awareness

As your awareness grows, you’ll arrive at the point where you no longer need an energy awareness amplifier. In fact, some people cease to need a pendulum within a week or two (they come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee).

But everyone’s different. There’s no ‘right’ time for putting the pendulum down. When you experience a concrete sense – i.e. not a vague feeling or intuition – of how your energy is responding to anything (without any question or thought in your head), you’ll no longer need an external aid.

The ‘energy awareness journey’ progresses through many forms of grounded awareness up to and including forms of higher awareness that few people can even imagine. In the process, you’ll notice many forms of karma or repeated challenges in your life gradually fading away. This is a natural consequence of becoming more energy-aware. The more you can see the more you achieve.

“Shendo is a totally transforming process and has brought me so much that I would never have anticipated.”

~ Hannah J, Peru

However, be mindful that, from time to time, shendo practice will bring you face-to-face with energies within you (reflected as internal or external experiences), that are keeping you stuck in an area of your life or consciousness. Your consciousness can only open at higher levels through your commitment to transforming obstructive energies into a brighter way of being.

A path of the Heart necessarily, periodically reflects parts of your self-sense that are holding you back. Fortunately, once you can see a karma clearly – and only by seeing it clearly – you will transcend its binding influence on your awareness, mind, feelings and life. Without this clarity of energy awareness the same old stresses or stressful experiences just keep happening again and again.

To release the energy held within a significant experience in your life, it always comes down to how much do you really want to change? Or your life to change? If the answer is, ‘not much’, many experiences will appear simply as ‘problems’ that you suffer, often repeatedly. But to the degree you are motivated to grow, the same experiences become perfect means of discovering more of who you’re capable of being.’ (see: Now I Am Light)

If you have a genuine urge to become free of the energies that manifest as disturbances, struggles or a sense of ‘stuckness’ in your life or consciousness, you will find support in the Shendo both from others with their own stories to tell and through the unique, shendo teachings and practices that speak to your Heart. 

We look forward to meeting you in the Shendo.

Stephen & Lynda


“Of all the therapy, meditation, religion, etc. that I have tried, the Shendo is truly the only way that has produced such deep, real, and lasting transformation. Thank you for this awesome path for real-life transformation… I feel joyful, blessed and full of courage.”

~ Peter V., USA

If you have any questions about the Shendo and its suitability for you, do get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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“I have been working with the Guardians of Awareness… it’s pretty amazing and I’m really enjoying using it… I can feel it working in me. It has already helped my relationships quite markedly, just in being able to feel the truth and the right response in the moment… My quality of life and awareness is immeasurably better. I just wish I’d found you sooner and hadn’t had to suffer for so many years without proper help.”

~ Erica L., NZ